Please order above Rs.100 

Types Of Delivery

1.Regular delivery

          a.  After the purchase of 1000rs product delivery charge will be free within 3 hours

          b.  If you place 10 orders at the beginning  of the month ,you will be given free delivery for  whole                 month

          c.  Delivery charge is must as distance

          d.  If you want delivery before 7:00am , please place order before 1:00 am.

2.Express delivery

            a.  In an hour you will get the product delivery

            b.  Delivery charge is must as distance

            c.  Preference will be given for emergency customers with extra delivery charges.

3.The customer needs to check everything before the delivery boy.

4.If the customer asks for delivery at some other time please mandate delivery time.

5.Only cash on delivery.